Newton Free Food Garden

More and more people are recognizing the importance of local food and supporting our communities. The Newton Free Food Garden is based on the “Food is Free” model, where members of the community plant and tend the gardens, but anyone from the community is welcome to harvest the food. It is located outside of the Newton Recreation Centre, 13730 – 72nd Avenue in Surrey.

The project was started in the spring of 2015 by the Friends of The Grove and Village Surrey Transition Initiative with assistance from the City of Surrey and Newton Recreation Centre.

The Newton Free Food Garden is a model for how to grow food in public spaces that provides opportunities for people to experience fresh, healthy, organic food, and the power of community when we come together for a cause that’s greater than ourselves.

Interested in getting involved or starting your own free food garden? Send us an email at

“Never underestimate your power to inspire and affect your community around you. Even the smallest of acts can really ripple out.” – John VanDeusen Edwards, Founder of The Food is Free Project

Here are some pictures of year one of the Newton Free Food Garden! Click on pictures to enlarge.


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