Welcome, New Neighbours!

The following submission appeared in “We Are Newton: A Neighbourhood Anthology.” See here for more information about the project.

By: Comfort Ero

Newton etched its indelible name in a commune of Green Timbers, Through its founder, industrious Newton the sawyer, with his brother sawyers
From whom a city sprang up; oozing forth sweet syrup from endurance and grit,
Laying a solid foundation; strong, united, forward-looking and concrete;
Propelled on by nimble and steady hands in glee,
A bright and happy settlement; safe, prosperous and free.

Newton’s cross at seventy second and KGB is its soul and its plus;
The hub out of which zooms and hums each bus with no fuss,
Emitting light beams on pools, greeneries and inter-ethnic supplies,
Radiating to the imposing edifice where the empowered law squad lies;
Exuding the air of safe haven over the banks, stores and amblers,
Amidst the mingling human hums and the buses’ unceasing buzzers.

The well pronounced nerve centre of King George Boulevard
Traverses the core of the commune as its main artery and pathway.
Streets and avenues radiate in a network from its wings and flanks at random,
Connecting and beckoning to all in her picnic gardens of cultural amalgam;
Maintaining in them hope, happiness and an eager yearning for freedom
In Newton; where values walk hand in hand with wisdom.

Diverse city and home to settlers from every angle of the Earth,
All are welcome from the universal East, West, North and South.
A bouquet for its aesthetically clean avenues, calming nooks and streets,
Interlaced with welcoming parks and trees bustling with birdie tweets.
Nestled in comfy structures speckled by exquisitely manicured gardens,
Newton is a convivial community for all: the new, the old, young men and maidens.

At dusk, she beckons to her ever faithful sunset glow
Whose rays caress her rooftops, gardens and boulevards in a wow!
At the sight of the approaching night-blind light
It kisses the greeneries and rooftops all good night.
As it gradually moves into its horizon abode, it glides off in a sneaky creep,
Rocking all in beautiful Newton city to a balmy, soothing sleep.

When dawn appears, she weaves her cultural mosaic robe of values and friendship
Around the rich, the carefree, the disadvantaged or those in hardship,
Blithely taking shelter under the unhindered and domed roof of the skies,
Undaunted by the hesitant and timid face of the weather pries.
The rising sun from the East kisses all in its path, infusing in them a warm steam
While communal voices in turn share the warm welcome ovation on all in a team:

“We are Newton! Welcome sunshine, welcome new neighbours, welcome!”

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