Web of Virtues

If you passed through The Grove this week, it is unlikely that you would have missed the growing “Web of Virtue” yarn sculpture!

This community art installation invited passers-by to think about what values and virtues they bring to our community. Each hook was labeled with a virtue. Ten in all: Courage, Compassion, Generosity, Humility, Respect, Self-discipline, Tact, Tolerance, Trustworthiness, Thankfulness. Yarn was provided for people to weave between the hooks, creating a wild and colourful shape!

The “Respect” hook filled up quickly, but “Courage” took a while to fill. By the end of the three days, every hook was about as full as you could imagine!

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in the sculpture, what values and virtues would you have woven your yarn around? If we do this again, are there any values or virtues that you would like to see included?

Would you like to borrow the “Web of Virtue” mounting hardware and do one in your neighbourhood?

You can enlarge the pictures below by clicking on them.

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