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The “We Are Newton” Neighbourhood Anthology was published in November, 2016. The 72 page book is a collection of stories and poems from people that work, live and play in the neighbourhood of Newton in Surrey, British Columbia.

The first print run of 50 copies were funded by the Friends of the Grove and distributed at the launch party on November 20, 2016.

Media coverage of the project includes:

Below you will find the Acknowledgements and Table of Contents pages.


The “We Are Newton” Neighbourhood Anthology is a project of the Friends of The Grove.

The Friends of The Grove are an informal neighbourhood group working to create a safer, more vibrant and more connected Newton neighbourhood.

Our motto is “Having fun, strengthening our neighbourhood, and hoping you’ll join us!”

Learn more about the Friends of The Grove at www.friendsofthegrove.ca or by contacting info@friendsofthegrove.ca or (778) 988-3549.

“We Are Newton” Project Team:

Ellen Niemer, Editor
Norm Bain, Layout
David Dalley, Coordinator
Parm Cruikshank, Cover Art
Diana Joy and Diane Archer: Outreach

We are grateful to the following partners without whom this project would not have been possible:

Newton Library, Newton Seniors Centre Writing Group, Surrey Muse, Newton Business Improvement Association, Newton Seniors Centre, Arts Council of Surrey, Newton Cultural Centre, READ Surrey/White Rock Society, Old Surrey Restaurant, Now Newspaper, Surrey Leader, Village Surrey Transition Initiative, Newton Espresso Café, Surrey’s Poet Laureate Renée Saklikar

Funding for this project and launch party provided by the Vancouver Foundation in partnership with the Oak Avenue Neighbourhood Hub.

A Special Thank You

This book would not have been possible without the contributions of the many residents and former residents of Newton who shared their memories and positive stories of our ever-changing, vibrant community.

Our sincere thanks to Harry Lamba for sharing his printing expertise
The UPS Store #88
1104 – 7360 137 Street
Surrey, BC

Table of Contents

Friendly Neighbours and Nearby Nature by Shannon Robinson 1
My Neighbourhood in Newton by Simran Banga 3
My Newton Memories by Eric McKinley 4
Newton to Me by Sydney Hart 5
Quote from Anonymous Newton Musician 5
Newton Grove – June.4.2014 by Katheren Szabo 6
The Renewed Newton Grove by Dawn Miller 7
Live, Work & Play in Newton by Mark Guichon 9
Come Unity by Katheren Szabo 10
A Second Chance (Name Withheld By Request) 11
Newton Seniors Centre by Norm Bain 13
Welcome, New Neighbours! by Comfort Ero 14
Newton Seniors Centre by Mila Grace Nagy 15
South Newton by Jane Kovich 16
My Friend Henna by S. Kaur Bath 18
There is a Place by Brendan Borba 19
Finding Myself in Newton by Chrissy LeClair 20
What’s the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me in Newton?
by Renée Sarojini Saklikar 21
Newton’s Espresso Café by Diana Joy 21
Stigma: The Burden on My Back by Gary 22
My Summer Love by S. Hayat 23
A Gesture from the Heart in Newton by Ellen Niemer 26
NEWTON by Kelly Magnuson 27
The Grove by Ken Westdorp 28
Green Timbers Memories by Ellen Edwards 29
Summer Fun in Newton by Angel Gill 31
Street Hockey, Revisited by Steve Simpson 32
The Heart of Newton by Norm Bain 33
Newton Wave Pool by Katherine Rose Windsor 34
Serving My Community in Newton by Philip Aguirre 35
Life in Newton by Harkirat Dhaliwal 38
Newton’s Studio Seventy Three by Jodi Leech 38
When I Walk My Dog by Corallyn Hocaluk 39
Life in Newton by Eakam Dhami 40
Baby, Let’s Go for a Walk by David Dalley 41
An Ode to Spring in Newton by O. Khan 43
Falling in Love in and with Newton by Teresa M. Cahill 44
Memories of Margaret Mary McElhinney (nee Hall) 45
Snapshot Newton by W.B. 48
The Old Homestead by Ken Westdorp 50
Perfection by Fauzia Rafique 51
Early Newton and Surrey Stories by George Zaklan 52
Transformation by D.C. Willbourn 54
The Farm Disappeared in Newton by Barbara Sarahan 55
My Wonderful Community! by Jasleen 56
Nostalgic Musings from the Newton-Raised Forrest Day by
Forrest Day 57
Living in Newton by Griya 60
The Angel by S. Hayat 61
Newton is Home to Me by Jade Pruden 64
Without Newton, We Are Nothing! by Comfort Ero 65

Contributors 68


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