The Grove: A Spatial Narrative

For the past few months, artists Carmen Paplia, Andrew Lee, and Phinder Dulai have been recording the sights and sounds of The Grove. The results of their work will be on display at the Surrey Art Gallery from September 19 to December 15.

There will be a carpool going to the opening reception on Saturday, September 19, 6:30pm – 9:30pm at the Surrey Art Gallery. Please let us know if you would like a ride!

The artists offer this description of the exhibit:

This multi-channel soundscape and visual narrative explores the community uses of a transient forest that abuts the Newton bus loop and Newton Recreation Centre in Surrey. The Grove has witnessed the extremes of human activity, from illicit transactions and tragedies to community connections over Sunday afternoon lunches and art interventions by a group of Newton neighbours who call themselves, “Friends of the Grove”.  A handful of locals are reclaiming this public space and envisioning it as a site to engage passersby. Carmen Papalia, Andrew Lee, and Phinder Dulai delve into the multidimensional use of The Grove to tell its fascinating story.”

Carmen Papalia is an internationally renowned artist. He is visually impaired, and his art explores the non-visual aspects of public spaces. Themes of mobility and inclusion are common in his work. You can read more about his work in this CBC News article or in the video below.

Phinder Dulai is a Newton based artist who lives a few hundred meters from The Grove. You can read more about Phinder’s work here. Phinder walks through The Grove on his way to and from work every day and has been watching the gradual transformation of the space over the past year.

Andrew Lee is the sound artist who will be compiling the recordings and assembling the art piece.

We hope that you will take some time to visit the exhibit while it is on at the Surrey Art Gallery! Please feel free to send us your thoughts.

Image caption: Artist Carmen Papalia. Photo by Phinder Dulai

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