Street Hockey, Revisited

The following submission appeared in “We Are Newton: A Neighbourhood Anthology.” See here for more information about the project.

By: Steve Simpson

A bunch of boys,
At the edge of bar age.
Drinking coffee
In the Pantry restaurant.
Wired, bored, whimsically

The deserted parking lot,
Of the closed and boarded
Surrey Public Market.
Not yet overgrown and broken.

Midnight, under the lights.
With garage scavenged nets
And quietly collected sticks,
The game picks up.

The King George drivers
Can see us, as they drive by.
Some of them stop, pull sticks from trunks
And join in.

We play for hours.
The RCMP slow and stare and smile
Then continue on their way
Wishing they had brought their sticks.

By Three it is done.

The coffee used up.

The parking lot back to growing weeds.

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