“Simple Acts” by Norm Bain

Simple Acts
By Norm Bain

 As we look forward to the days ahead
Let us please reflect
Upon the pure and simple things
That oft times we neglect.

When within our busy life
We go from day to day
We seldom see the other folks
Who often cross our way.

We may not look, nor care to do,
In case obligation rears its head.
We’d rather pass a stranger bye
Than make a friend instead.

But should we be so selfish
For when a smile is given free
Or just a cheery greeting
They return to you and me.

But more than that this simple act
Can form a tie that binds
To drive away the fears and doubts
That clouds upon our minds.

And open up a door to life
That’s akin to heaven above
Where everyone is greeted there
With harmony and love.

May these simple acts become a part of everyday life
and may our Creator bless each and every one
regardless of race, colour or creed
with the wisdom to see only love.

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