Saturday Summary

What a day! Art, music, food and tons of fun!

Organizer Katheren reflects on the day: “I am humbled by my community, so many beautiful people all wanting an afternoon of collective community fun! I am so very glad to be part of Friends of The Grove and so thankful to have been supported by volunteers and sponsors to fulfill a small dream to hold a block party to honour and love our Newton community. Thanks to so many for making Surrey Doors Open and Open Doors for Peace a terrific time. I come away with a lifelong memory to hold on to and celebrate in my heart forever! Strangers are only friends we haven’t met yet. Same time and place next year!”

During the day The Grove was hopping with visitors from the Newton Festival and Surrey Doors Open events. Then in the evening we settled in to the Open Doors for Peace Concert.

You can see some pictures below.

There is much gratitude to go around.

Many thanks to the City of Surrey, The Newton BIA and the Newton Recreation Centre for putting on a great Surrey Doors Open event and Newton Festival!

In The Grove, a few of our local artists got things going. Poet Arlene and musician Mark took to the stage while Penny offered sketches and caricatures. The Kwantlen Art Collective brought artwork to show and hosted an art table too!

Throughout the day, Bailey invited people to help put the finishing touches on the Grove Piano.

Two other groups that are doing wonderful work in Surrey came to set up information booths: The Global Peace Alliance of Surrey and Youth Transforming Society. It was great to have them there!

And then the music started.

Alana, and Elder with the Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre opened the concert with a First Nations blessing. The Sacred Web Singers were the first act up followed by Tyrone Barnes and Kristie McCracken. You can watch a video of their performance here (video taken by Jude Hannah):

Next up were musicians from Music Therapists for Peace. Lucy Cross, Alexina Davis and Rebecca Barr offered a diverse set of beautiful harmonies with fiddle and guitar. Sue Baines and Steve Cotrill finished up the set with some great sing-a-longs.

Local musicians Borge and Brad wrapped things up with piano and fiddle music.

Throughout the evening the food kept on coming! We enjoyed free pizza and samosas throughout the evening and everyone left well fed.

As things were winding down, the “I Have a Dream” art installation went up! You can read more about that here.

A huge thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly in the background to make the day work! The list is too long, but you know who you are.

A special thanks to Borge and Kris for setting up the stage and sound system and stage managing for the day. Thank you to the mysterious woman who showed up and managed the art table the whole day! (If you’re reading this, send us an email and introduce yourself!) Thank you to Bitty for designing the poster. And last but not least, a huge thank you to Katheren for all the hours of planning and prodding that goes into putting on an event like this. This event would not have been possible without your unwavering commitment to bringing wholeness and healing to our community.

A huge that you to the Oak Avenue Neighbourhood Hub for providing funding for this event, and thank you to the City of Surrey Beautification grant for helping out with some of the art supplies.

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