Our Friends are PLOTTING

The construction at the Newton Recreation Centre has made The Grove a bit of a mess lately. Curious about what some of the Friends of the Grove have been up to? Check out the vacant lot behind the Newton Arena!

It is looking a lot less vacant then it did a few months ago since the People’s Food Security Bureau moved in.

According to the group’s Facebook Page:

“With art at the center, The People’s Food Security Bureau advocates artisanal agriculture, home cooking, and living in the oneness of all things.”

The PLOT is the brainchild of South Surrey artists and gardeners Cora and Don Li-Leger. Cora answers a few questions about the garden:

How do people get involved?

“…our ‘regular’ work time seems to be Sundays starting around 10am.  People can call/email either Don or me if they have questions.  But we are really enjoying the ‘social experiment’ approach, not organizing too much (except for plants, water, physical stuff), allowing the “wisdom of the swarm” to enter and shape the project as it will.  If others want to ‘organize’ (like the Honeybee Centre may be doing) events, that is welcome.  For the PLOT itself, the development of the garden seems to be the event!”

Are there any events coming up?

“I understand that the four women leading the Medicine Wheel may be providing a smudge for people at the Surrey Earth Walk.  I will plan to have some take-away flyers and be able to field questions if anyone has the time or is interested.  But it will be yet another Sunday work day, so it feels great that the Earth Walk coincides with that.”

At some point – when the veggies are more mature and there is actually something to see, we will try to have some kind of public ‘launch’ I think. As we had earlier decided that the PLOT timeline would follow the seasons, this might be around the solstice.”

For more information, email Cora or Don or call them at (604) 538-8772.

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