Newton Free Food Garden Covered up for Winter

“There are roots of the new life spreading everywhere, with no central plan, but moving and networking, keeping the energy, waiting for spring” – Manuel Castells

The Newton Free Food Garden is bedding down for the winter under a pile of leaf mulch.

This was the pilot year for this project, and by all accounts it went very well! Our crops were bountiful, there were many people that harvested from the garden on a regular basis, and some great community connections were formed.

A huge “thank you” to everyone who helped plant and tend the garden, and to the City workers that filled up the water reservoirs. That was a huge help!

A special thank you goes out to Steve who contributed a significant amount of time, energy and creativity to ensure that the garden was well tended and taken care off. Thank you Steve!

The beans grew especially well, and we produced a good crop of potatoes. The corn grew to an impressive height, and the sunflower is now providing winter food for some local pet gerbils!

The herb pod was gently harvested throughout the season and there are still some herbs there for you to us for your fall cooking.

Many people were introduced to the edible nasturtium flowers and used them to add colour to salads for the first time.

The tomatoes grew well, but there were a few green tomatoes left on the vine that didn’t have a chance to ripen. Perhaps we should look at using a different variety of tomatoes next year?

There is still some winter kale growing, but perhaps we should think about planting more winter crops? Garlic? More kale? Or a cover crop like winter rye? Please let us know if this is something you would like to help with.

Let’s give some thought to how we would like to see this project grow next year.

There will be construction taking place at the Newton Recreation Centre, so it is likely that the pods will need to be moved. Perhaps this is an opportunity to explore a different format or location for the garden?

The “Peoples Food Security Bureau” is an arts-based collaboration looking at exploring local food security issues in Newton, and they’ve got some great ideas for possible garden ideas next spring.

Let keep talking about this and see what sprouts!

Scroll through the pictures below to see some of the events and milestones at the garden this year. See you in the spring!

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