NaPoWriMo – Day 30

Each day for the month of April, the Cedar Bark Poets are writing a poem a day in celebration of NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing month. Poems are posted here daily. Let Katheren know if you would like to participate!

“And now our prompt (still optional!) Because we’ve spent our month looking at poets in English translation, today I’d like you to try your hand at a translation of your own. If you know a foreign language, you could take a crack at translating a poem by a poet writing in that language. If you don’t know a foreign language, or are up for a different kind of challenge, you could try a homophonic translation. Simply find a poem (or other text) in a language you don’t know, and then “translate” it based on the look or sound of the words. Stuck for a poem to translate? Why not try this one by Nobel Laureate Wislawa Szymborska? Or here’s one by another Laureate, Tomas Transtromer. Happy writing!”


Oh I see ecologies teacher
From the pulpit I discuss trees
The fur of the forest in darkness
We eat, speak
Of the night colours
The white of day
Pierre spoke of paper used
We eat, we speak
Such images of the day
We stand at arms like guards
With the courage of rocks
We eat, we speak
In the jungle ,desert
For all families
We stand for children
We eat, we speak
We see marvels in the night
The pain is white on this journey
In this season of lovers
We eat, we speak
Soft cloth of blue
Sunshine gives moisture
Birds sing vibrantly
We eat, we speak
We are champions of our horizon
We fall ill with obligation
We do this dance with friends
We eat, we speak
Our hair grows grey
We all battle
Or together go crazy
We eat, we speak
Small like mice, we engage
Before what we see turns orange
Before all starts to fade
We eat, we speak
The form of is scintillating
The clothes of the colours
Takes all our strength
We eat, we speak
Is the sentiment evil?
Shall we try other ways
We go to through all borders
We eat, we speak
We light up, illuminate
For all who are sentient
For families to reunite
We eat, we speak
Fruit that grows twice
Mirror of all chambers
Will we eat divided?
We eat, we speak
Now even the dog, looks tender
Our clothes are ragged
We feel maladies
We eat, we speak
We will jump through the door
For all our families
We float high for good
We eat, we speak
Carrying chairs of accord
We are frontline, my friend
To change, we attend!
We eat, we speak
There are many surprises
But we pay close attention
Good honour calls for silence
We eat, we speak
We are refugees of destruction
We are pharos who crawl
We are all a riddle
We eat, we speak
Would we be missed if we stop
Go alone on our way
We march until death
We eat, we speak
Never for the money
We risk our despair
No final souvenirs
We eat, we speak
We prove our days
We join in joy
As long as we connect
In many numbers

(based on Liberté-Paul Eluard)

– Kath

Where are the breaks?

I am Outside, as in another language you maybe confide
But I sit there beside, as in another language you stay your world inside
All I can do is listen, understanding only a word or two
A street name or word common enough, but even to make out the flow of words is tough
Lilt, repetition and flow, and the hand gestures with it that go

I sit here between you two as you converse, it almost sounds like something you had had to have had to have rehearsed

) meillä oli lounas puistossa, laulua taustalla jonnekin Taisin kuullut pila

A conversation that at times sounds reversed, quiet bit, quiet bit, following outburst

) Ja näimme kani reunalla ruoho, ennen takaisin metsään että se repesi, olimme mielestämme onnellisempia sillä hetkellä kuin koskaan ennen

Pause, laughter

) se on yksinkertaisia asioita, jotka ovat meille hyvin mitoitettu, pidä käytimme olla, monimutkaisena

I love the voice, yours I know well, I wonder if by it your intentions alone I can tell

) Toivottavasti kaksi voi tulla toimeen näet, haluan sinun olla ystäviä, se on tärkeää minulle.

But you two knew each other well before, for a much longer spell
Seated there beside me crosslegged looking back at you, as the alien sounds passes me through

) Toivottavasti me mennä Rogers kadulle, siellä on kappeli, naimisiin mielellään

It always seems a familiarity between you two, Closer together, sounds, said to be words, drew

) Toivottavasti voit olla onnellinen minulle

Poetic sounding exchanges, un-noted breaks, unexpected stressed changes

But as I think about things I might have replied, how is it that I work out where in the brakes should slide
Some days myself I can not decide, what I am trying to say or what from my words to imbibe.

– W.B.

Buenas Amigas – Collin McCarty

Buenas amigas son difícil de encontrar.
Buenas amigas son fácil de querer.
Buenas amigas son regalos que
duran por siempre y que se sienten
como regalos de arriba.

Buenas amigas son una en un millón.
Buenas amigas son historias para compartir.
Buenas amigas son las que conocen el camino
para tu felicidad, y caminan contigo
hasta lograrlo.

Buenas amigas son vidas que se complementan.
Buenas amigas son risas y lágrimas.
Buenas amigas son emociones tan profundas
que la confianza sigue creciendo
con el paso de los años.

Buenas amigas son difícil de encontrar.
Buenas amigas son fácil de adorar.
Y tú has sido
tan buena amiga conmigo
…que no podría pedir
nada más.

Good Friends

Good friends are hard to find
Good friends are easy to love
Good friends are gifts that last forever and feel as gifts above

Good friends are one in a million
Good friends share stories
Good friends are those who know the way to your happiness, and walk with you to achieve

Good friends compliment life
Good friends are laughter and tears
Good friends are so deep in emotions that confidence continues to grow over the years

Good friends are hard to find
Good friends are easy to worship
And you’ve been
such a good friend to me
…I could not ask
nothing more

– Rhiannon

A walk (Alexander Serdyuk)

Прогулянка Я перебуваю в теплому ліжку , відчуваючи себе настільки досконалий , Знаючи , що завтра я можу спати багато . Я слухаю , як сильний дощ почався і триває , Уявляючи прогулянка нічних холодну вулицю людей . Краплі дощу є як краплі сліз , Сльози людей , які поодинці , Хто ходить в ліхтарний стовп ночі і мріючи , Як прекрасно це було раніше . Їх жалю не більш , щоб бути почутим , І вони не в змозі вибачень ще раз . У них немає ніяких шансів бути прощеним . Таким чином , вони взяли заморожуванні пораненого прогулянку .

I’m in the warm bed, feeling so perfect,
Knowing that tomorrow I can sleep a lot.
I’m listening how heavy rain started and is going,
Imagining the night cold street people’s walk.

The drops of rain are as drops of tears,
The tears of the people who alone,
Who walks at lamppost night and dreaming,
How perfectly it used to be before.

Their regrets are no more to be heard,
And they aren’t able to apologies once more.
They don’t have any chance to be forgiven.
So they took freezing wounded walk.

– Jonah

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