NaPoWriMo – Day 3

Each day for the month of April, the Cedar Bark Poets are writing a poem a day in celebration of NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing month. Poems are posted here daily. Let Katheren know if you would like to participate!

Here is today’s (optional, as always) prompt. Yesterday, we wrote portraits of families. Today, let’s turn our vision outward, and write fan letters. I challenge you to write a poem in the form of a fan letter to a celebrity. Now, this could be a celebrity from long ago, and needn’t be an actor or singer (though it could be). You could write to George Washington or Dorothy Dandridge, Marie Curie or The Weeknd. Happy writing!


You were my first female love
Standing there awkward on the stage above
Roaring out against the grain
I heard in your voice so much pain

You rallied against sterotypes
At absurdity you took musical swipes
Your hair hung long,black as night
Aboriginal dresses that looked so right

Metis,women and discrimination
Injustice about your Genelogical Nation
So proudly did you sing and stand
I wanted to hug you,hold your hand

You went on to become such a star
But I remember back to early times
When you set a ‘Say it Real’ bar
I love you still Cher..from afar.



Hello Vincent

I am totally your biggest, biggest fan! On me you have made a total imprint I see you and your work as quite rather prescient your bold style and lack of guile with me go more then a mile!

As you say ‘A good picture is equivalent to a good deed’ indeed!
But I also can’t seem to sell any of my work, no mater how I plead.
What do you think I should do if I think sunflowers look too much like a weed?

I must find something to paint and can not follow on this you’re lead or creed and I’m not sure about yellow, for it doesn’t make me all that mellow you can really do it, but I can’t seem to work my way thorough it oh how it brings out in me fits of madness,… then again I guess you can relate,…

oh how one must somehow go on despite cursing fate, and I will be sure to avoid sharp knives at any rate! It’s a good thing my lobes I don’t at all hate then again maybe I’ll feel different once it gets late….

From ‘Still Life with Cabbage and Clogs’ to ‘ Garden in Auvers’, all I highly rate

Sadly you, I don’t think I’ll ever get to know, but it would have been totally fun… Mr. Van Gogh

– W.B.

For my favourite Fleetwood Mac

A lifetime of listening to your beautiful tunes
For years wishing you would come soon
Finally, my wishes upon many falling stars came true
And outwards to Vancouver you flew

Mom and I enjoyed every single beat
Rocking out, soaring and air guitaring in our seat
Each of your songs is special and creates our love
Rhiannon and Landslide are our favourites if push came to shove

Your tour brought tears to each of our eyes
Not to worry they were really happy cries
Our love for you could feel the ocean blue
As your song Rhiannon is my name too

After Mom passed, you were my saving grace
Such tragedy happened and she was in the wrong place
Now for therapy and fun I listen to your songs
Sometimes I cry but it doesn’t last very long

A miracle happened and you came twice more
The third time I took someone extra special, someone I adore
I adopted her as my Mama, as my angel mother sent me her
To guide me through these troubled times as life was a blur

When we came, she hadn’t been in many years
And as we bonded, it brought us both to tears
She loved you way back in the day
Now here we were together loving you in a different way

So as you can see, I hold you dear to my heart
As my mother named me after your song from the start
Now I love you even more each and everyday
And in your words, I will “Go My Own Way”

“You Make Loving Fun”
Rhiannon – My heart you won.


Ever since I was a young kid
I listened to your music just as my Dad did
From live shows to radio hits
It fell into place when it became part of our spirits
It had the beat and just the right jingle
Making charts and rising to the number one single
Our favourite was “We Are Here For A Good Time”
Blasting the stereo as our excitement would climb
50 years of listening my Dad once said,
“These were the songs that filled my head”
Now I feel just the same way
Still listening to you almost every single day

Thank you for the “good time”

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