NaPoWriMo – Day 25

Each day for the month of April, the Cedar Bark Poets are writing a poem a day in celebration of NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing month. Poems are posted here daily. Let Katheren know if you would like to participate!

“And now for our (optional) prompt! Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that begins with a line from a another poem (not necessarily the first one), but then goes elsewhere with it. This will work best if you just start with a line of poetry you remember, but without looking up the whole original poem. (Or, find a poem that you haven’t read before and then use a line that interests you). The idea is for the original to furnish a sort of backdrop for your work, but without influencing you so much that you feel stuck just rewriting the original!. For example, you could begin, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day,” or “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons,” or “I miss them, but it wasn’t a disaster,” or “they persevere in swimming where they like.” Really, any poem will do to provide your starter line – just so long as it gives you the scope to explore. Happy writing!”

Perfect Sunshine

But still, like air, I’ll rise.
Past these earthly mysteries
Look for full Joy in my eyes
My belief in more then is said to be

This body will cease to breathe
The end ever draws so near
I have no fear for I can see
A transition I hold dear

Re-awakened amongst heavens bold
Souls that dance and play
Such wonder still to lovingly unfold
When I quiet this self, one day

My dreams of our souls tomorrow
Thrills me deep inside
Hope, faith, love not sorrow
Toward, forward I shall not hide

I feel I have passed many times
Ancients smile and greet me
We ,all part of a beautiful ryhme
Spirits who continue to be free

We are living seed, soon reborn
Conscious Intelligence doesn’t die
Maybe I’ll be a pink unicorn
When still, like air, I rise

(M.Angelou poem)
– Kath

Sitting On A Fence

Have you ever listened to a tear drop
the crushing silence, as the moment slows
have you never listened to fall from the crash of emotions propped, right before the bubble is popped
all the overgrown issues, as through it all finally mows
the time as time seems almost stopped

notable, unexpected first, contrastingly impactivly marking
the second, a realization of more harking

few ever claim to like the rain, but can you imagine the state of things if it never came
if in it all stayed reined, to deprive of the clouds a release, dusty times of emotional drought, of swirling dust storms untamed

but sooner or later, to the driest barren brown ground the first darkened dot lands, next to me today sitting on a fence
trying of a distant remembrance of view to make some semblance of sense…

do you hear the first tear drop fall, or are you too wrapped up to hear at all
but can you hear the first drop, before you begin to ball
and the realization that eventually emotions held in, will come to call.

– W.B.

Teacup Memories

Memorable memories embraced in a teacup
Where our memory of love is truly shared
For within that cup lies our heart
Upon last sip we give it a squeeze
A hug around our heart
Its love kissing our lips
Our teacup heart is always full
As our love is constantly refilling
With the start and finish of each day
Teardrops dance inside our bodies
Filling them with love and happiness
Such magic from within
Each new sip creates a new memory
As well as reminded of the past
No matter how many cups of tea
Love through teacups will always last

– Rhiannon

Our Hearts

Treasuring our hearts of love so full
As it was empty and so very dull
After our first meet it started to fill
Simple memorable things such as a pin daffodil
Guiding the way to the light of love
Reaching out to others and rising above
Gratitude comes from giving a message
Piecing together the puzzle after such wreckage
Understand with an open mind
The delicacy of love and happiness combined

– Jonah

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