NaPoWriMo – Day 20

Each day for the month of April, the Cedar Bark Poets are writing a poem a day in celebration of NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing month. Poems are posted here daily. Let Katheren know if you would like to participate!

“And finally, our prompt (optional, as always)! Today’s prompt comes to us from Vince Gotera, who suggests a prompt very much in keeping with our poet in translation, a “kenning” poem. Kennings were riddle-like metaphors used in the Norse sagas. Basically, they are ways of calling something not by its actual name, but by a sort of clever, off-kilter description — for example, the sea would be called the “whale road.” Today, I challenge you to think of a single thing or person (a house, your grandmother, etc), and then write a poem that consists of kenning-like descriptions of that thing or person. For example, you might call a cat a mouse-stalker, quiet-walker, bird-warner, purr-former, etc. If you’re looking for examples, you can find one that Vince wrote here and a different example here. Happy writing!”


Seed Scavengers
Flight Attendants
Heat Seekers
Temporary Nesters
Tree Huggers
Forest Friends
Musical Composers
Morning Lovers
Feathered Friends

– Rhiannon

Music Person

Piano Predator
Disco Diva
Jazz Jiver
Treble Makers
Drum Bangers
Sheet Disturbers
Trumpet Tunners
Noise Makers
Sound Hippies
Guitar Geezers
Merry Melodies

– Jonah

Raging Granny

Love giver- hair silver
Cup overfloweth-knowlege imparted
More gracious then Grace
Once started-always finish
Forgivness guarenteed
Cheer leader-Number 1 fan
Cookie baker-sorrow taker
I miss her hand-oh departed
Rest weary-rest well
Message hers-before -beyond
Peace! and Peace! to all
Integrity is now called
Deep with-in us-she saw..she saw
Hair silver-love giver

– Kath

luggage packing
large incisor-ed

vaunted recall

ground pounder
large lobbed

roaming memory-banks
tree de-leafers
waterhole seekers

subsonic communicators
cross stream waders

circus bigtopers
show stoppers

they will never forget
don’t you fret
for an elephant is faithful 100%

– W.B.

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