NaPoWriMo – Day 16

Each day for the month of April, the Cedar Bark Poets are writing a poem a day in celebration of NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing month. Poems are posted here daily. Let Katheren know if you would like to participate!

“And now for our (optional) prompt. Today, I challenge you to fill out, in no more than five minutes, the following “Almanac Questionnaire,” which solicits concrete details about a specific place (real or imagined). Then write a poem incorporating or based on one or more of your answers. Happy writing!”

Rim Of FIRE (Earthquake todays news)

Inland of St Andreas Fault line
(we just ignore it)
I can see Mount Baker all the time
(we found lava rocks as children)

We live in the shadow of destruction
(so few are prepared)
Oppulently we build new constructions
(there is no safe route out)

Low lying areas will flood,liquefy
(it could never happen to us)
Scientists warn,graphs quantify
(it is not if,it is when)

We live in high rises,admire the view
(couldn’t catch me in one!)
The quake comes,volcano might spew
(why is there no public safety plan?)

Ok, here is a plan,a safety route
(not many know about it)
Heads in clouds,our horns we toot
(a weeks supply put aside is neccesary)

Not wanting to start paranoia
(but really folks,hello!!)
Ground shakes and magma could really annoy ya
(we till our fertile fields)

– Kath

My Canadian Dream

Canada is the place to see
From one sea to the other sea
To travel by one man’s dream
On the CPR train of steam

A journey across Canadian land
Would be ever so grand
As once I read in a book
About a house, I need to have a look

Anne of Green Gables was beautiful to read I would read it again to bring me up to speed PEI is where it took place And I fell in love with the sound of its beauty and grace

This trip would be complete with my lover On the train we can read from cover to cover Just to enjoy ourselves a little more The small province that I adore

– Rhiannon

Sunshine brings a smile to our faces

Sunshine brings a smile to our faces
Off to explore various park places
First stop was to grab our tea
To pay with a poem you see

The first park was a new one
The grand opening, full of lots of fun
The chirping of birds was lovely to hear Was even better with my sweetie near

We wanted another place to stroll
So we went to Steveston for a “roll”
An adventure from the very start
Another impression on our heart

Walking down the crazy trail through roots and trees Finding treasures that you would never believe Jug of water, baggage cart and a bowling pin We obviously stopped to take a picture for a ‘min’

Then we stopped for a bite to eat
Look out at the river, our eye candy treat Our adventure was a great way to spend Our day and the view was our perfect end

– Jonah

A quick intergalactic Questionnaire and the mastication of Mars Factoids

I have lived here: too long
the shifting red sands, echoey domes
connecting tunnels, the masses to and from funnelled

the weather forecast is : always cold, dusty and dry, but they always show them, I have no idea why not that it matters as inside the dome it’s always the same, it’s almost enough to make you cry

the flora outside : all blends into the background as it’s all red inside the dome it’s only the plants that produce oxygen best, no mater how ugly it is said surly there must be some nice flowering plant that does both, but only odd leafy things seem to be planted in the growing beds

of the architecture of Mars :well we live in little more then big jars covered over in sand, with just enough windows to see when the postal ship comes to land looking out over the ever shifting red dunes of sand piles, and meteor craters that measure across in miles (And yes, if the Marss-ies see me not using metric they will will be bringing up bile) , the view to me now only riles

Customs imported seem now deplored, anything outside our red walls they deem to have to be ignored they still call to free Mars, but half our stuff still comes onboard from ships, in crates marked ‘origin Earth’ on the board.
the free Mars parade, three rounds around the four main domes every year is made and too much or our hard earned Mars tax dollars for signs are paid

they once thought our great red planet was a lifeless hulk, About most of our Mars local life forms, people are still uninformed but even notionally information locally on the Sand crawlers and red Diggers are forlorn nobody wants to admit to a lifeform in the dirt born

Child hood dreams : of visiting pluto I recall as I pick up the stray Mars day banner found blowing down what in a dome passes for a street.

We burry our trash, and recycle the rest, nothing we get is ever exactly the best. As for exports, well no one really wants sand, and everything else here looks like second hand.
We do have a thriving business, if you believe Earthlings, of exporting evil SciFi henchmen bent on taking over or attacking Earth, of that they claim there is certainly no dearth

But though all the Graffiti reads ‘Red One rules!’ we have no interest in taking over the planets of other fools we’d rather just stay home with our redheaded lover, on a cold Martian night under the covers But here there are people that say earth wants to take us over, and a conspiracy theory of them planting the planet with green clover all over.

Dress : Unfashionable space suits out side, and grey mesh jumpsuits in, all horrible styles that would be better tossed in the bin

The hometown memory, of the sunrise over the planes, is balanced out by all the posters of our notable person, the Association of Mars president, in a photo with overly waxy looking sunburnt skin probably from an off world vacation, as all I have seen for weeks outside my window are sandstorms, no sign of a sun by did spin

Today’s news headline : ‘deposits going up on water bottles inside main dome’ the latest of a trend fast become enshrined in the new Martian history tome at the front the first entry by settlers, then later immigrants, a Scrap from a letter ‘have arrived on Mars, dustier then I’d though it would be. The domes are huge! an unbelievable sight’
to an animal from a myth, the alleged four winged razorback said to be a creature of an amazing plight, but only going half seen by dark Martian light , to a copy of ‘The roving red spot’ a very old Martian story read to children at night, yes this tome contained the great Martian nations history might

Though Mars it seems never does really change, and around every corner you can probably find something strange You walk three minutes down an alley and you find, yet another life support module of some kind , and yet another airlock around the next corner does stock, but if the dome ever did fail, would they even bother to lock, the neglected look of them just seem to mock I mean you walk to the border and hear ‘HEY! don’t go out there, theres not air!’ I wouldn’t go near one, for me they scare

on the topic of fear, and other thoughts odd, strange or downright queer, When what you fear is another long ‘road trip’ to Earth! ‘ARE WE THERE YET!’ as the person next to you sneers, as not even the half way point nears.

when everyone there knows that the picture on your city’s postcard is Olympus Mons, you get a bit explosive about it, thats one of the Martian cons.

the intergalactic Almanac Questionnaire done, I can’t say it was rally all that much fun

I clench my jaw, at all the things I saw, Mars is shredding me into slaw I try to break down the obstacles into bite size pieces I can masticate on for a while but it’s all before me forming quite the pile

but I say this every year as my Martian tax return I file and I may have filled out he form with just a little bit of Martian guile

– W.B.

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