NaPoWriMo – Day 15

Each day for the month of April, the Cedar Bark Poets are writing a poem a day in celebration of NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing month. Poems are posted here daily. Let Katheren know if you would like to participate!

“And now for our prompt (optional, as always). Because today marks the halfway point in our 30-day sprint, today I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that incorporates the idea of doubles. You could incorporate doubling into the form, for example, by writing a poem in couplets. Or you could make doubles the theme of the poem, by writing, for example, about mirrors or twins, or simply things that come in pairs. Or you could double your doublings by incorporating things-that-come-in-twos into both your subject and form. Happy writing!”

‘Ensemble pour Toujours’

You’d never guess
There is no hype
But these lovelies
Mate for life

Mom and Pop
Once they meet
They just don’t stop!

Even though
It doesn’t seem right
Another marriage..
The lowly termite!

Put up matrimonial ribbons
Jungle deep
Together forever they keep
Awesome gibbons

So exciting
I couldn’t yawnforever
A pair of swans

Penguins also share libido
Lifetime together
In black and white tuxedos
Yep I say Neato!!

Til death, working as one
In underground holes
Paired for life
The awesome vole

In water,tails a’swish
Lifetime swimming 2 by 2
We bring the French Angel fish
To you!!

Flying high
With eye sight keen
Bald eagles,also
Paired for life it seems

Wolves,too,join til the end
Loping as two
Through all the bends
And this poem ends!

– Kath


Wiggling free from its nest
For it was quite a long rest
As it adjusts to the bright sun rays
It ponders for how many days
Did it sleep in the cocoon, wrapped so tight As it emerges, it cannot believe its sight To the left, an outstretched wing And the radiant colours it did bring To the right, another wing just the same Two beautiful wings that just came Spots of red and stripes of blue A speckle of purple and yellow too Suddenly this caterpillar figured the reason why Through his long cocooned sleep, he became a butterfly Suddenly excited, he knew what he had to do He fluttered one wing and the other too Fluttering wings he left his magical place Off to flutter the world with his grace.

– Rhiannon

Gazing at each other on our birthday

Just looking we knew what the other had to say This was our bond that we had from the start Nothing would ever tear us apart Upon looking at each other we could see That I looked like you and you looked like me Same clothes, same friends, same gifts It started a reason to be miffed Now we wanted something different When I look at him I see our differences We are definitely not the same Yet to the rest we are identical Growing up we were in each other’s faces Brothers who fought, who would have guessed We had different likes and dislikes Our personalities were completely different However we loved playing our little twin switch game It never got old, never got lame We may be bonded and on the same day we came Identical to some, but definitely not the same

– Jonah

My mirror self
Self mirror, my

I sit and gaze upon the mirror on the shelf
Shelf mirror shows me myself

Brightly I stare at the other one .
one I glare at, as the face peers leeringly at me though hazel eyes intently like a sun

slowly he turns opposite to the way I do .
Do I move before he does? after, I watch, testing leisurely

imprisoned, the frame contains him within .
within I see him held, his thoughts from me caged

cropped, his world I can not see at all .
all I can see is him, the rest of his existence hidden, away from sight chopped

smudged, the blurring spot, taking away from the whole, the imperfection
imperfection, what hides behind the distortion

fiendish thing that traps him there, why do the wicked run free, his world trapped in a frame I ponder pensively
pensively I wonder what he’d look like without the beard, does it make him evil…

before me, front to back or back to front, what differs in the mirror image that there lies,
lies, backwards truths before me, what do I see front

revelation, the other side of me, to the reflection of supplication
supplication, myself reversed of a backwards confession.

Refracted in the edge bevel, what if our rolls mirrored,
mirrored, would I do the things he does, would I be as bent

my mirror lies .
lies myself inside, I?

– W.B.

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