NaPoWriMo – Day 12

Each day for the month of April, the Cedar Bark Poets are writing a poem a day in celebration of NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing month. Poems are posted here daily. Let Katheren know if you would like to participate!

“Finally, our prompt for the day (optional, as always). Have you ever flipped to the index of a book and found it super interesting? Well, I have (yes, I live an exciting life!) For example, the other day I pulled from my shelf a copy of on old book that excerpts parts of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s journals. I took a look at the index, and found the following entry under “Man”:

fails to attain perfection, 46; can take advantage of any quality within him, 46; his plot of ground, 46; his use, 52, 56; not to be trusted with too much power, 55; should not be too conscientious, 58; occult relationship between animals and, 75; God in, 79, 86; not looked upon as an animal, 80; gains courage by going much alone, 81; the finished, 89; and woman, distinctive marks of, 109; reliance in the moral constitution of, 124; the infinitude of the private, 151; and men, 217; should compare advantageously with a river, 258.

That’s a poem, right there!

Today, I challenge you to write your own index poem. You could start with found language from an actual index, or you could invent an index, somewhat in the style of this poem by Thomas Brendler. Happy writing!”

Just For Today

Balance,basics,benefits of recovery
Judging,journal,just for today
Keep it simple
Unconditional love,using dreams

– Kath

An irritated interns Index of indolent indifference & indignity

Index — (See index)

Alrighty! — where to start, the only thing that can save this book I think is an almighty! –See also deity ..Pages 1 to 241

‘Big bang’ – see, Sound this book makes when dropped, – see also heft from lack of proper editing -see also this thing flopped ..P1 to P241
Book — see ‘the thing in your hands’, unless reading online or on electronic device- If such, google, and have a look ..Pages1 to 241

Content, indexed, redundant (Indexes) — see Index

Deadline — see Missed while they wait for me to Finish writing this index..then correcting all the words underlined with redlines before, ..Pages published likely 0

End, the — See the last page, ..Page 241 (celebrate, it’s over at last, may your mind now mend)
Editor — see ‘Honolulu’, cheap flights, vacation, – see also ‘just print it, I’m sure it will be fine’ .. Flight #2468 BC, Canada to Hawaii, USA

Fired, — see the thing I will be once this hits someones desk, but at least I’ll be free .. anyone looking for an intern?

Great work — see Are we reading the same book?, perhaps you should have another closer look, see/read another book ..???

Hogwash — Something that got one more star then this work, (Gosh! that was a bit cruel to say) ..Pages 5 to 136, 138 to 241

Information — see I’m doing my best to find, ..perhaps read between the lines? Just ignore the rest
In — In so far as I can say anything but nothing fits in the space allotted, all I can say in a small space is…see also next line
Index — Now See here! ..Index
Index, content — See Context, index, -see also redundant index, or Index, content, redundant – see also Table of contents, Index ..index, ..redundant index
Index, content, redundant –see Index, content, Context, index, see also redundant index ..Index, ..redundant index

John Doe — See unoriginal pen names, see also People whom think they are fooling people ..Some random Shmoe

Laughable, — see contents, cover to cover see also ‘so bad it made me irascible’ ..Pages 1 to 241

Middle, — See anywhere between Beginning, End (I think technically its the exact spot is where he mentions the fiddle) ..Pages 2 to 240

Poem, writing, month of — see , ..(have a look, it’s a far better use of your time that was reading this book)

Quotes, memorable lines — None seen in this book, maybe if you rearrange the words you could come up with something… ..try again

Redundant Index, — see Content, Indexed

Second revision — see there is a slim hope here for, *Note-But I’m not waiting up for it and it still in me harbours a fear .. See revision 1
Start — see The first point where you should have begun, regretting buying this book ..Page 1

U-Turn — see the thing you should have done when you stated reading this book
Underpaid — see Interns writing indexes, .. See everywhere

Vast — see also ‘amazement’, see also ‘shock’ re reviews, how much did they drink before writing that .. Pre-drink before you read the forward

Xylophone — see something this book can be stuck under the legs of to level, ..Page 39

Y, WHY WHY!!! –See metaphysical debates, see also Intern breakdowns ..Page y

‘Z’–see debate,Canadian, Z/vs/Zee/vs/Zeed, .. which one do you have stuck in your head.

* This is the last day of my internship (one way or the other!) I shall be delighted to not have to come back to this place ever again and hope the intellectual fog of this place that has descended on me will soon lift. Note I have bought ONE copy of this book to give to an enemy as a ‘gift’. and must now go set up a new email as I think the author is going to be just a little miffed, then again maybe no one will ever read the index, after all these things are basically a unhappy literary tryst …? but one way or the other this job will not be missed.

– Page 242 –
– W.B.

Angels Agency:

Angels forum (407)
Family company hands down (278)
Developing sensible approach to (284 – 285)
Social responsibility and (254)
Tips on conducting (19 – 20)
Angel Investors (351)
Angel Investors (351)
Break Even to (91)
Barriers to entry and (127)
In future (272-273)
Historical data on
Size of (112 – 113)
Angels Forum (407)
Mosaic (356)

– Rhiannon

Drift By:

Slippery surfaces( 124 )
Manifest( 300 )
Visibility (61 )
Triples( 47 )
Blind spot (153 )
Shutting down (152 )
Locking Jaws (250 )
Overload (129 )
Weight limit (185 )
Visual alertness( 152 )
Uncoupling doubles (254 )
Blowout (175 )
Failure of (125)
Commercial motor vehicle (40)
Blood alcohol content (66)
Leaked (84)

– Jonah

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