NaPoWriMo 2105 – Day 4

Are you taking part in the NaPoWriMo 2015 “30 Poems in 30 Days” challenge? Send us your poem and we’ll include it here!

Submission #1

Ornamental Design

I awoke
Inside a hand made snow globe
Shaken and shooken
Found myself in a strangers hands
Gently overtooken
During my long lifetime
I’d sent out probes
Found nothing across all
The vast world lands
Now maybe I understand
Always came up tragically short
No and no
Constantly needed to abort
Any ‘together ‘ plans
With mere male mortals
From neighboring clans
Until.. until
Heart be still
Local man
Opened up my aortic lobes
Designed a most wonderful sphere
Picked my soul up
Gently pulled me with him
Into here
Holds my hand
Sends me turning
Freezing but feel am burning
Oh what to make of
Cold wet flakes
Real this time
No more blooper outtakes
Water feels full of joy
Eons I’ve walked alone
Worn out my hominid bones
In faith and light
Admittedly sometimes terse
Hoping hoping the universe
Would set me right
Bad luck
I was over cast
Here now ohh
At last
Finally winning !
A winter mermaid
Luxuriously swimming
He winds me up
Then holds me tight
Oooh this is truly alright
Romantic music inside too.!!
A sleigh..a house
Cedar Forest whoo!
Such a complete life
Inside this toy
Oh Boy Oh Boy
New world deliciously spinning
Where from cometh this strange Man ?
Lured me close so dead pan
Astoundingly then locked me in
Wizardly tricky magical djinn
Wish to stay inside his spell
I like it, like it well
The warmth of his hands
Feel so nice
Against the glass
Filled with crystallized ice
Handles me with such care
Caught me fair
I’ll pay this price
Laughter togetherness
Feels so nice
Eye to eye him and me
Hoping never to be set free
Please don’t drop me
In my new bubble world
All else seems absurd
Only hear his encouraging words
I simply see
Groovy new Reality
Joy inside radiates completely
Heart taken from a dusty shelf
With-in his fingers
I become more myself
I feel safe here
Fragile strong
I sing a new song
Hold me close dear
It is so good feel
My Soul Mate Near
Never too late
Don’t hesitate
Get wet while you can
I have and oh Damn.!
Dive in this time!!
I swear I swear
The water is fine.!!


Submission #2

A affectional letter
And on the flip side
A disinterested response from the other cold side hoping for better

Why it can be
Or can ’t be. it’s just that you can’t see

I bought you rubber gloves
…because you needed them
you responded with shoves
…and expletives, and you repeated them.

I waxed your car
as it was looking a bit dull
You screamed at me from near and afar
I missed the first half of the diatribe but it ended with you calling me and the space I took up as a bit of a nul

I do little things for you
to show how I feel
But no mater my thoughts you couldn’t give so much as a penny for them never mind two

and I have become accustom to you storming out after turning sharply on your heal

I buy you stamps
so you don’t have to go out in the rain, as unromantic as you say I am
you jump all over me without the need of any ramps.
Then you tell me I keep my emotions in a can

Your right, I don’t say the L word much, but I try to show it
with all the gestures and time for you I take
but you use the F word, I wonder if you are trying to blow it?
because it’s always over the coals that everything I am you rake.

You should know how I feel

for all the things I do, the potatoes I peal, the ticket line I stand three hours in, going to the shoe store to fix your broken heal, the couch I search for your missing pin
but you just find fault and lose all your zeal

then blame me not reading your mind on queue, for spilling the gravy by not getting on the bag a good enough  seal, not being there for three hours to visit with your kin, making you miss out on the midnight maddens new shoe deal, and not realizing you had left your lapel pin in the bathroom storage tin.

Still I would not imagine doing things differently at all
doing all these little things is a big deal to me
you seem to think me a little dull
and I wonder if you want to push me away to be free

but I’ll still this way always be
and you will always end up being… just a little….. dastardly



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