NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 8

Submission #1

Hello readers that have come for poetic action
But today I find myself in the awkward position of having to issue instead a retraction

After having realized my poetic infraction
For on Monday I wrote an aubades that my true realities may have inadvertently ended up to conceal
For it was of the ideal, that I did revel and reveal
So I must now repeal, my misconstrued construct of poetic Monday zeal

For that was the Monday morning from an idlic forested glade
Not the bed I found myself woken too soon from where I had laid

For my actual Monday’s resemble that poem in very few ways
They are more like finding your way blindly out of a cold shifting maze

So I have to say my oratory may have misled
Images of my actual Monday morning dread
Rather, that I wrote instead

So ‘A perfect start indeed’
May not have been; how my actual feeling lean, or of where my Monday morning would typically lead

I think it had to do with the effects of Monday morning
That always strikes without warning
That something closer to what I wanted, in ended up horning

I still like that piece
But wanted to set the record straight with this release
That that was not my actual Monday but one that gave a more relaxing morning feast
I just wish they were more like that, and these that I have would cease.

It would be nice to have idyllic Monday morning peace

And so I hope that clears it all up, and I just really really hope I don’t end up hearing anything about it from my nephews or niece….


Submission #2

Your ‘—–‘ I now hush

Rhymed so much
About needing you
Prose,poems,novellas too
So blindly I wanted
My bursting heart taunted
Felt haunted
All while being unwanted
Ooh it’s true
What was a huge crush
Caused such a mad rush
Made my
Cheeks burn in blush
The verse of love’s curse
Has squashed me
A butterfly wearing chains
Like a bug stuck to your rug
This ‘love’ caused such pains
How it bent me
Flat to the floor
Finally I’m
Crawling towards the door
Sad sack infatuation
Breeds only frustration
I’m getting over you
My heart break colours blue
Never together ‘boo hoo’
There is nothing here true
About me and you.
I fly with the dawn.


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