NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 6

Are you taking part in the NaPoWriMo 2015 “30 Poems in 30 Days” challenge? Send us your poem and we’ll include it here!

Submission #1

Cracked Neon

The cheapest motel’s keeper phoned
Following guests orders to
Wake them so they could
Leave early,before daylight could come true
Hiding from the reality of
Each ones separate pathetic married plights
Lovers together who knew
Of their precious small time
They were heart hoarders
Who had
Crossed societies ‘nice’ borders lines
Clerk hated following orders..
He cussed out salty sailors rhymes
He’d charge them a large late fine
Phoned again
Let it ring and ring and RING
Loudly into their darkened tomb
Peevishly wanted to ridicule with nasty sting
The tenderness of these lover’s fling
Who were currently innocently wide eyed
Playing at husband and wife inside
Dingy disgusting small rented room
Persnicketyness made his heart sing
One of the only remaining things
In the whole wide world
That could.
Ahh but no answer
The ringer loudly thrice more droned
Swearing loudly snarled
‘What the hell is this’
In his filthy littered office
He stood up kicking at his chair
uttering foully
I’ll mock them for their last kiss
Bitterly begrudging this ridiculous pair
He climbed the stairs
He’d deal with them sharply thus
Searched them out temper viciously honed
Boom Boom bang on the door
‘Hello hello’ he stormed
He gloated to tell them
‘Your stolen hours are up’
‘Your great love’s just dumb’
He’d jab words with his thumb
He yelled out..
‘Show your faces’ he called
‘Open up’ he jawed
Dress now make your way
You’ve been here long hours
Come down from smut filled
Cockroach crawling
3rd floor’s on back streets
Lofty cheap towers
‘Cross my palm with more pay’
‘Or get out now’
‘You cannot without more money stay’
Poor lovers
Disguised to all but this nasty man
Both married to others
We understand
Illicit, complicit
Burning scarlet brands
Tattooed foreheads
To kiss and hold hands
A forbidden tryst
Love and lust among grist
Purity within grime’s lowest
Poor lovers, a pair of poets
Bleary hearts sodden
To separate-
Curses to fate
Never to be together,again
And they know it
Singularly minded on he plodded
Eager to witness
Their loves last heart song
So jaded was he
Used a master key
A morning laugh it would be
A joke later for his cronies
To catch them at it,erotically
As the new light filled the day
Found them entwined on the floor
Joined cut wrists
Love’s final acts displayed
Like a modern gruesome theatre play
Romeo and Juliet
Carpet stained,their blood pooled
Black as jet
‘God damn the fools’
He did sullenly apprise
There would be no sunrise
For these two
Forever more.
He cursed louder
From outside the open door
$50.00 bucks he’d soon steal
Out of their growing cold pocket’s
Clean up was not part
Of his room renting deal.
Royally mad that he’d unlocked it. 


Submission #2

Does the filtered sun reach the forest floor
Or do the trees screen it out before

Do the birds fly before the light
Or do those first few rays set them a-flight
How does morning come here
In middle wilderness amongst the squirrels and deer
Do butterflies I wonder, sunrise coming hear
Do animals waiting out of nests and caves peer
To see if daybreak yet comes near

For the first light sieves through the branches of the trees
and past what are not yet quite leaves
second only to it setting over rippling seas
The beauty east to west frees
This is morning sun’s poetic pleas
Bring the day, surrender night
Wake your souls, bath in the light

The beauty of it all should bring one to ones knees
And hands to you the days shinny keys
So ode to a morning freed, another start laid by sunsets seed
Blooming forth now under blue sky freed
A perfect start indeed
So enjoy the morning, wherever the sun may lead.
for all too soon sun across the mountainous sky will have skied

-W. B.

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