NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 5

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Submission #

Forever, is composed of Nows


Forever –

Forever –

it is composed of nows
‘Tis a time, differentiated – both of Infiniteness and Latitudes
of day to day grinds – and platitudes?

except of Home – from this experience here is removed the dates
to these let months themselves solve and dissolve
fade into further coming, blurred months and years ahead

exhales sear in years
with – or without – debate or subtext to read

to ponder- or not-  timeless cyclical fate
but home on a different scale does rate

of pause or … .. .

Celebrated days
– no different
our years could be as from past or future faith – Anno Dominies

the questing – and questioning – to something so large – and small – long past – and distant future – failing a watch of timelessness – is how we relate.

but how memories retained – of a distant passed family dinner – are retained on a plate.

– Forever – can live in the minds memory slate –

Forever – If shared – or remembered of days of late

now – is going to be our forever – to be set of fate


Based on Emily Dickinson’s ‘Forever – is composed of Nows’

Submission #2

How many times these low feet staggered


Past the buzz of dull flies
Her burdened back bent
The howling winds rent
How many times these low feet
Staggered for duty across lonely peat
Only her soldered mouth could tell
Grim lines of a over burdened woman
Look closely at deep poverty’s human
Pity her if you can,if you care
A fearless smile she shall no more wear
We recognize well the listless hair
Cool forehead no longer hot with care
Adamantine fingers frozen long with despair
Light footsteps once so nimble
Hope inside now wouldn’t fill a thimble
This freckled housewife,such raw pain
Listless to the daisies beautiful refrain
Lost all dreams,beliefs,inside
Indeed from her future she will soon hide
With mournful glazed gaze to all
Unable to find joy in a Spring Robins call
Darkness deep precedes her fall
Laughter lost measures not even a grain
Blindness to the wondrous immensities
Beyond her chambers cobwebbed window pane
Soon she will rest
Did her best at life’s tests
All her troubles soon forever lain
She will not walk this way again
She will choose to stop her try
Loose her handle with a mournful cry
Fire stoked so coldly often
Held hopes no longer there to soften
Will finally burn out,die
To much, too hard
Days serve only to pierce like shards
No longer light reflected
No need to wonder how and why
Darkness with, she’s truly infected
Never a smile more shall wear
Climbs to rafters with infinite care
Fearless with no hope to grasp
Lifting her from these earthly hasps
Hammer swung she drives awful rivet
No need to wonder,if she actually did it
Even as a brave sun doth shine
If you try, can see her heart did pine
But bleakly now..she’s stepped out of time
Stirs indolent,soul no longer in it
In a yellowed black and white photograph
This woman the only figure to grasp
Arms around her we’d like to clasp
We see, identify with her feelings
She has attached her rope
To the smoke stained ceiling
That it holds,her very last hope
To a rusty upper hook of steel
Makes out modern mind reel
Wretched must be her feeling
Soon to kick the chair her feet will grope
It’s a archive photo,it must be fact
In eternity, Peace at least
She,our common Mother might hope.
Of her and God’s last loving pact
The next picture would be her final act
Death and dying from the very least
This hard life lived such a snarling beast
Dirtily even now,no funeral feast.
Unsanctioned endings, but see her fly
Hear her dove like final cry
Good bye good bye good bye
Gasped out with her final sigh.



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