NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 3

Are you taking part in the NaPoWriMo 2015 “30 Poems in 30 Days” challenge? Send us your poem and we’ll include it here!

Submission #1

E.s.l. Scrabble

Hand me a carabiner
Gonna need rope to cuff
Day 3 literally rough
Climb up the cliff face
Word mountain
Set your pace..
A fourteen-er!!
Hurts my sciatic
Count syllables..
So bad at puzzles
Hence myopic
What was the topic ?
A chance for unmuzzled
But not confuzzled
Try to keep up
Fourteen-er !
Just a might meaner
Then an operatic haiku
To an English gleaner
It’s true
Pigeon English
Words with Friends
Eh and Ah and Oh
& Ooooooh
Laughing at overload
Brain cels
Being felt grow !
Feel about for
A rhyming handhold
So curious now..
27 more writes
Pencil biting nights
Committed to make it
Past the bends
We climb Again
At first light
Oh wow
Here we all go.
This simple poem
I do now tend.
Of the Show. 

30 in 30
Pen to pen 

Go Folks go!


Submission #2

hmmm fourteen flavours

Hmm, oh I seem to see someone over there watching me
a plain white van parked curb side, down the parking lot afar
his bright eyes dart suspiciously around the parking lot
over eagerly motions me to come over to see
I think to flee but curiosity overcomes me
The van, muddy up to my knees,  and a few rusty spots
My apprehension does grow, what he wants I want to know
I come around the front, to eye to eye to now confront
As I turn I learn what this means, for things he is selling
And the thing that he is selling? food it turns out to be,
And better then just food I think I see, what is ahead
It is an answer to a dream, for this man in the van
Is selling ice cream, in cones and big Bowls and flavours vast
I can’t wait till I can taste it at last, it’s gona be,
At least once it eventually gets over to me,
Wonderful frozen treat that can’t be beat, if I can chose.
For as far as the eye can see, ice-cream flavours that be
and I am waiting for him to scoop, but what to chose first
so many flavours there are that it seems to daze me now
I have narrowed it down to the ones I like around town
But suddenly I found that it’s still too many around
And that to a sole choice I must be now be decision  bound
How ever is it somehow an answer is to be found
My worked mind just kept going around and around again
Until the impossibility of the task hit me
And did leave me undecided and totally Aghast
Until at last I just ordered the next thing that I saw
And headed off to shovel it into my waiting jaw
And I hope he’s here again later, for I need to say
That I must try the other thirteen flavours straight away.


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