NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 18

Today, in keeping with the theme of rush and warning, our Cedar Bark Poets have been challenged to write a poem that involves an urgent journey and an important message. It could historical, mythical, entirely fictional, or memoir-ical.

Submission #1

Red Dye #40

There was a plot
Laid empty (so many)
It used to grow
Neighbors each sowed
Nourished plenty.

My generation crowed
Oh heck and oh no
Nature pales to ‘Big Apple’
Left kin, snubbed land
Bought store brand

Concrete fancily kicked
High ideals ticked
Fashion and money
All was ‘funny’ for awhile
No more dirt to grapple

40 years eating crude oil
Plastics, tin foil
Decline health and gastrics
We modern day folks
Degenerative and spastic

Started to try tofu, organic
Heard of Permaculture
Sustainability not panic
A gardener I,again,become
Health with small planet

Learn and turn to the sun
Honour trees, bless the bees
So much sweet rebel power
Growing 6 feet sunflowers
Now I see true,11th hour!

Cultivate front grass to meadow
Learn garlic,honour heather
Which way comes forth
Today’s winds,rains,weather?
Again neighbors plant together

We all have our roes to hoe
Hoping to collectively grow
Mother Earth’s answers to re-know
Extinction is no tv show
Here’s a seed,Sister,Bro.

A tree to rise for centuries
Free nutritious food a legacy
Balance once more in harmony
Hand in hand new memories
Possibilities for you and me.


Submission #2

Natives night call to arms, Plant Revere’s ride

The invasive are coming , the invasive are coming

run, get your hoe and your spade
the invasive are beginning to raid

pushing out from the south by land and by sea
they invade on soils hard panned, and from the breakwater lee

the midnight call, before they overrun it all
shading out out native ground covers by standing over tall.

listen for the clarion call,
look for the lights in the bell tower of city hall.

in the compost heap lay many a lost native plant,
so don’t ignore my warning rant
the invasives are coming to supplant
we need gardeners ready!, steely and gallant

Through back alleys and every street
where ever muddy ditches meet
are needed soon, actions fleet
and planning replete

for the invasives are coming ,by land and by sea
and most of us don’t know what they are or where they will be.
but they are coming for plants and creatures dear to both you and me
and push them out where ever be, no matter how they tenderly plea
so be ready to rally, to keep our native spaces free

from ballast tanks, and pots, pallets and plants imported
they create an ecology distorted
so be ready to act as soon as it’s reported.
for native species are being into confining spaces contorted
and from our environment extorted

who will ride from door to door
ringing bells that no one can ignore
will you hang a lantern, one if by land two if by sea, from city hall in the town core
we need to take action I must implore.

for creatures from foreign seas
and foreign plants that quickly grow up to your knees
are driving out everything and even co-opting the bees
we need your help, quickly please

for if you see invasives raise the alarm
before they have a chance to do irreparable harm
raise a light or two by long arm
help us stop them, no mater their seeming charm

If the invasives march from land or by sea tonight
let us act but not out of fright
Gravel thrown up from boots laced tight
as we race to stop the plight
and to start the alarm, the hoisting of lights.
and begin a door to door rally to the fight.


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