NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 17

Submission #1


The coffee is ready
I could marry that 1st cup
Could I borrow a few filters
I forgot -Oh baby is up!
Telephone rings at 5 am -yay
Laughter to start this day
Your layout is amazing
Birds chirping sweet
Sacred water song-voices blazing
Heart beat Drums glorious ways.

Local organic cheese
Tomatoes on special flyer says
Sunanamo shrimp egg noodle soup
Excellent-like I’m the prez
Rainbow checker cake
Do you like dungeoness crab?
Nut crackers and a scoop
Belated birthday wishes
Dinner tonight-recipe-make?

Hola from Cuba
Music Heals-Youth Peace Clubs
Visions of humanity
Shaking mountains
Kratt Brothers in Tortuga
Messenger to crash into
After orbiting 10 years-Mercury
Blue tooth tape technology
100 copies of new Zine,please
Nimi back from India
Chatted in warm sunshine

Tried beginner yoga!
Hand made earring-trade?
Grandmother Moon Women Warriors
Appreciate being added to group
Is a small band of cedars
Immigration stories
Good for the soul
Friends of The Grove
Community leaders
Painted rocks left on stump
7 poems due Saturday
Typonese message codes
YouTube watch this video
Random info treasure trove.
Check my schedule


Submission #2

An un-social medium

I really don’t do the social media thing
it’s not something I got into
I view it as near torture, or akin to
I find it a poor jester to talking, the communication King

I tried once to have a conversation with you
but to get through it was all I could do!

For when not interrupted by a messaging ding
it was your phone that started to ring
then I kept looking around for the bird chirping.
only to be told it was a ‘twit’ or some such thing.

Your texts all seemed characters to be missing
but that was just a short hand, and it was far better then the gaudy emocon thing for kissing

I did try to read your emails but all that lay on the screen before me
was- Like me, friend me, trend me,- it was as much as I could stand to see

Four and a half hours of video of you doing a fifteen second thing
and half a dozen irritating flashing adds around each did ring.

I used your computer to try look up some silly thing
But I kept getting bombarded by the digital equivalent of silly string.

but ‘importantly’ I was able to learn
that you have a new tractor in farm-vile, 2200 ‘gems’ in Gem Town, nothing is happening in the stock market and an urgent message saying that nothing had changed in the forecasted weather what so ever, a new level has been unlocked in level mania and someone you don’t even know wants you to friend them. and you had another card deck available in Infinite-Card-Decks ™ and it was your turn.

but so much kept popping up that I never seemed to get my turn,
so all my attempts of ONE silly thing to look up, in flames was set alight and burned.
as away at bombarding with pointless messages it churned

No, I was going to write a poem but find myself with no time
for all of this flotsam I had to dodge
and the useless information inside lodged
I have not had time to write one single good line!
I have been unproductive-vated by social media in kind.

I shall leave pointless communications
to younger generations
or people with different motivations
or those that want pointless information
every five minuets on the state of inflation

It’s all well and good,
but don’t think that I necessarily should.


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