NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 14

Today, our Cedar Bark Poets have been challenged to write a poem that takes the form of a dialogue: “Your conversant could be real people, or be personifications. You could alternate stanzas between your two speakers, or perhaps you could give them alternating lines. Your speakers could be two real people. Hopefully, this prompt will give you a chance to represent different points of view in the same poem, or possibly to create a dramatic sense of movement and tension within the poem.”

Submission #1

Ugly Joys

Jump jump into the void
Got to be better
Then paranoid
Hopeless helpless
Shadows so dark
Life just to hard
Dog poop in the park

No! I say – stay
Keep trucking forward
Hope in the new day
Let light in- make way
Never decide these things
Under a late moon’s sway

Like a snake in the grass
Blinding morass
A lemon squeezed out of juice
Struggle for a truce
So full while still empty
Platitudes..Oh don’t tempt me!
Too much -I exempt free
A human broke and strained

Dance til it rains
Laughter after flames
Tell the committee in your brain
To be quiet
Inner dialogue a riot
Do not buy it!
Stand up speak up slowly
Comon’ try it

Sorrow profound
Such ideas when unbound
Nightmares of dreams
Unlaced and unseamed
Shadows that speak
Ugly doors opening squeak
Basement of thoughts so bleak

But the stars are all shining
Years left life refining
Good days just aligning
Arise arise cast your eyes
Self to self do not despise
Each breath still surprise
Soul battles- truth/lies

Jump jump into the void
Challenge the abyss
Run hard,stretch outhanded
Tumbled mumbled branded
But alive
On the other side of today.


Submission #2

~~~ Stream talk

]– How long have I sat your banks near, now into twilight it seems I peer

~~~ While I have run, You have sat, so quietly here, so still as not to frighten even a deer

]– But how long, how much time has gone

~~~ I can only tell you how much water has flowed on, or the count of the night birds song.

]– No snapping twig, or tree dropping fig has distracted me out of my distracted state, now it seems I’m likely wholly late

~~~ I can not speak of what it might take, for me to understand of times intrinsic fate.

]– But surely there must be something of it you take, say for how long it is for the floodwaters to fill the lake

~~~ I am here of thirsts to slake, and landscapes to carve for natures sake.

]– But what other flowing trait, must you make, to curve the straight line to the lake

~~~ Water away flowing to the weir, and falls from falls to get here
How much value does each endear, I can not say, both to me are truly dear

]– I have enjoyed my time and the beauty I perchance to lear.
Into enduring memory I hope it does sear

~~~ To burn into you, water, I think a thought queer, but do come back to again hear, for I am always here.

]– I shall whenever near, endeavour to this way veer.

~~~ Now go, see you way clear and know I appreciate your company and thoughts sincere

]– Thank you indeed, But I have to ask, do you really talk to me, how can this voice I hear be

~~~ Oh, streams have voice, but rarely to talk we make the choice
But listen closely, can you hear it’s not just all random flowing noise, so sit close and keep an ear poise

–W. B.

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