NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 11

Submission #1

S.T.D. Sapphics/Trochees/Dactyls

Ohhh I wonder if I’ve caught
Some disease from the topics
New virus burned into optics
All of these themes
Eating away my brains inner fused seam
Sinfully wicked word count
Syllables un-mount
I can’t get them lined up
Maybe need to find a clean cup
Take a sample to the clinic
My shaky hands won’t begin it
Dictionary out like a grocery
Lists of meanings- like trochee’s
Heart beat erratic
Rashes spread contemplating sapphics
It may be very factual
But I only see dinosaurs
When I read write out the word Dactyl
Ohh perhaps I am unwell
Day 11 making my feet swell
Need a nurse to converse
Am I sick with ‘Theme Curse’
Hope I won’t need a hearse
Medical tomes might need add a new verse
Just for me.

Submission #2

Produce does not grow on shelves

Produce does not jump onto shelves you should know
Grown in box or field, picked by hand or things wheeled
shipped in box of steel made, or outside your home
Grown, so it must be

Water and nutrients feed growth towards sun
Protected from bugs by spiderweb out spun
a plant takes it’s time, building girth and scaffold
Ready for flowers

Flowers waiting bees, bring pollen, brings seed
Cycle, growth, setting fruit or leaf , building new
Plucked, picked packed. boxed tight and flat, stacked and wrapped tight
Relocated off

Journeys long or short, a road or distant port
warehouse isles, tucked into piles to go onwards
store shelves at last, unpacked appear at last now
as if always there


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