NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 1

Submission #1

I won’t do it and you can make me.
A new poem a day
Stopped letters disarray
1 of 30 starts today.
I can’t possibly make it
Jot words just fake it
Prose pie unbake it
Hard word easy
Jumbled ideas queasy no Go
Truly no flow
Tie the grey matter
Make it flatter
Then the Earth.


Submission #2

It is not cold, hard or soft
It’s not ever found in the dark

Not hot, caught or bought

And never with problems fraught
It is just not seen, yet hardly never not seen
But everone knows exactly where it’s not been
For it fails to seemingly be nowhere, but not in-between
It does not show at all space clean
It can not tell you values mean
And has not dullness from lack of sheen
But never, even when feathered, is there a need to preen

It’s years of time not measuring years but distance
But still it’s never resistant
Waves not failing to forces persistent
Not for a very dry martini ever insistent
And the flickering lightning of an olive not at all consistent

The things that are certainly not light.
Not the least of which darkened without its plight.
but its still golden even when its not so bright.

for all it’s not, it’s not anything else, but still is it not visible light


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