My Wonderful Community!

The following submission appeared in “We Are Newton: A Neighbourhood Anthology.” See here for more information about the project.

By: Jasleen, Grade 5, Newton Elementary School

Every morning as I walk on the streets of Newton, it’s peaceful and relaxing. It’s an eco-friendly community because we have adults and children volunteering for trash cleanup. Newton is a fun, clean place to live in.

We have lots of parks to play in. There is Bear Creek Park where you can go salmon watching in the months of October and December. In Newton we have new parks every year to play in because our community is growing larger. Some parks in Newton have activities for children to play and learn.

It’s peaceful to live in Newton. The mornings are sunny and relaxing to wake up to. There are plenty of birds that provide the music. Adults enjoy walking in the mornings and evenings to get fresh air and energy. My grandma and grandpa love to go walking in the mornings around Newton every day, especially when they are dropping my brother and me off at school. Newton is a friendly community. People greet each other every day in their language, for example in Punjabi, Hindi, English and many more.

We have many places to go for entertainment. We have a skating rink opening in the months of September to February. Next to the rink is the Newton Wave Pool that has a big pool, a gym and activities like gymnastics, badminton and many more activities for children. Some families enjoy going to the movie theatre on the weekends to watch movies and spend time together.

I am proud to live in a community that is peaceful, clean and fun. Newton is that community to live in!

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