Live, Work & Play in Newton

The following submission appeared in “We Are Newton: A Neighbourhood Anthology.” See here for more information about the project.

By: Mark Guichon

Been in Newton almost a year. Walk my dog up and down King Geo and what do you know? … Say hi to most, they say hi back or give a nod.

Like most big towns, there’s all types … don’t rub ‘em the wrong way, they’re good enough sods.

Seen people lookin’ out for one another, pickin’ up litter showing they care. Another time I saw a loveseat in a bus stop propped on top of a grocery cart … made me stare.

There’s no denying troubled people are among us here … but where are there not? … There’s lots of good people here, parks, libraries, recreation and art … can be gritty … overall Newton, I like you a lot.

So central, Newton, frequent bus on King Geo to Skytrain or White Rock … the world is your oyster … the action never stops.

Things to do and see: skateboard parks, senior centres, too.

Surrey’s Newton, you’re relatively young with growing pains, still finding your way … the majority are good … willing to help the fallen find their way.

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