Katheren Szabo Receives Community Leader Award

Generous artist in Newton shares her creative gifts with the community

Over the last few years Katheren has been associated with many community projects including Friends of the Grove, Cedar Bark Poets, Party for Peace, Christmas caroling, neighbourhood parties for low income housing residents and most recently, Fambul Tok, which highlighted a multicultural celebration of peace, forgiveness and community.

“Volunteering costs nothing and can change lives,” Katheren says. “I meet so many lonely, hurt people and I encourage them all to volunteer and share how I feel better by going out and doing for others.”

She also just recently finished her 4th annual 60-day peace vigil where she attends the Grove beside the Newton Recreation Centre and listens to anyone who needs a shoulder, provides what small items of food she can and offers art supplies to encourage everyone’s creative outlet no matter who, what, or from where they are. She accomplishes this mostly by small community grants and has become quite well known in that respective circle.

“People are my passion. I believe if we build more caring, trusting and committed connections to each other then the whole neighborhood becomes stronger day by day. People have so many amazing gifts to share.”

Katheren is an amazing woman who, in spite of a serious contingence of obstacles, has managed to persevere and bring forth an unselfish display of absolute love and harmony of life. Frequently she paints and draws messages of peace, harmony and togetherness that she leaves in various spots around Newton, where she has lived for 15 years. She does this while travelling on her scooter, which is her only means of transportation. The sole reason she does is to find someone who may need it to be uplifted.

“I like to think I help bring some joy, memories and feelings of belonging to neighbors I meet,” Katheren says.

Newton would not be anywhere near as bright were it not for her in it.

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