“I Have a Dream” For Our Community Ring

What If more of our food came from inside our community ring?

Communities encompass all aspects of our society. It’s where we love and live. But we live in a world where more and more of our food comes from outside of our control, outside of our communities and outside of our country.

What happens to those here that make their living farming or working the land?

How is this food being grown wherever it comes from?
Long hours and low wages farming, toiling in the hot sun,
but tell me son,
where does that tomato you’re eating come from?
How was it grown? How many facts about it are known?

But we can close the circle and grow more of our food here. In this way, we know it’s being grown in a responsible and sustainable way.

What if more of our food came from inside our community ring?

Our “I Have A Dream” message is written on the inside of a ring of hanging reused Newton community banners. Outwardly they name our Newton community, but only from within the community ring can you read the message.

Next time you are shopping, give a thought to your neighbours and people that live and work here. Take a moment to select locally grown or farmed products and give back to your local communities.

When you buy food that has been grown locally, you eat well, and help keep us all strong.

Let’s dream of better food security. We are losing farmland at an alarming rate, both locally and globally. Where does your food come from, how is it grown?

Let’s talk about farming.

Shweta Bhattad started the ‘I have a Dream’ art project about farming through the Vancouver Biennale. She said: “We all need a farmer three times a day.” So let’s join her in talking about farming, locally and worldwide. It’s too important not to.

Behind this display, on the Plaza of the Newton Recreation Centre there are four Newton Free Food Garden Pods. This is a small start that hope will grow over time. Carefully help yourself to harvest what you need and share with your community.

The Newton Free Food Garden is for the people, so help yourself to whatever isready. This is food grown here by us, for us.


The photos below depict the construction of the Newton, BC “I Have A Dream” Community Ring. The repurposed street banners were donated by the City of Surrey in the spring of 2015. Preparation of the banners took place during the planting party for the Newton Free Food Garden, and the letters were traced and painted in the weeks that followed. The banner was finished and installed during the “Open Doors for Peace” community gathering on June 27 with Doug and Gemma from Zaklan Heritage Farm.

Related to this project is the “Community Garden Signpost” that consists of arrows pointing to 20 local Surrey gardens and 13 international gardens related to the “I Have A Dream” project.

The installation is located in The Grove beside the Newton Recreation Centre, 13730 – 72nd Avenue.


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