A Grove Full of Gratitude

A Grove full of gratitude for everyone that that supported the 2017 Friends of the Grove Cocktail Party and Fundraiser on Sunday, May 28!

A huge thank you to the Old Surrey Restaurant and the Newton Business Improvement Association for supporting this event! This would not have been possible without you.

Special recognition goes to the following people as well:

  • Ranj Singh and Brad McDowell for the music
  • Surrey Archives for the history of Newton presentation
  • Kamal Bhuller for the henna
  • Steve for the Little Free Library display
  • Katie for the art display
  • Lily Dalley for the fantastic “Grove Automata” artwork
  • Cedar Bark Poets for the poetry display
  • Jonah for the birdhouse display
  • City Centre Library Teen Calligraphy Meet-Up group for making the nametags
  • Amazing Tutors for sponsoring the “Newton Awards of Excellence”

Most of all, a huge thanks to everyone that bought tickets and showed up with curiousity and sense of adventure in hand!

Let’s all continue to work together to find ways to share our resources, time and talent to continue creating the community that we want to live in and be a part of.

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s “Newton Awards of Excellence” Katheren Szabo, Yousif Ihab, Sue Sharma-White and Teresa Klein! Scroll down to read more about these amazing Newtonites.

Katheren Szabo

Katheren is known as the “Heart of Newton!” Katheren organizes gatherings such as the annual caroling event, and does a 60 day vigil in The Grove every year. She is always keen to support others with their projects and make people feel welcome and included.

Sue Sharma-White

Sue has helped bring health and community connections to scores of women in the South Newton community of Sullivan. A few years back Sue wanted to lose weight and find some exercise partners. She launched “It Pays to Lose”, a community wellness group that brings together women in the neighbourhood for mutual support as they reach their wellness goals. The concept is simple: every six weeks participants put $25 each into a pot. Those who reach their goal of weight loss for that period split the pot. Many women have joined this program and succeeded in losing weight. Some have lost close to a hundred pounds. With the support of their neighbours, group participants have been able to focus on healthy living and eating. Lasting friendships have been formed. Sue keeps the group motivated with a dedicated Facebook group and inspirational tips. Sue greets everyone who joins with a smile and words of encouragement. She has changed many lives. Sue does all this while operating a full-time daycare and raising a family. Sue is humble and will say “It Pays to Lose” has been successful because of all the wonderful women involved. They have been drawn together because of her. She is the lynchpin and it all started with her. She is deserving of recognition for the joy and connection she has brought to our community.

Teresa Klein

 Teresa Klein is the coordinator for the Newton PLOT Sharing Garden behind the Newton Arena. In her role with the garden, she facilitates a weekly neighbourhood potluck and has initiated a number of local art projects, including the Heart of Newton Labyrinth that will be launched in June.

Youssif Ihab

 Youssif is the owner and operator of the Espresso Café in downtown Newton. The café is a gathering place for people in the neighbourhood, and Youssif is always supportive of community events such as the annual “Pay with a Poem” and holiday caroling events. Youssif plays an important role in bringing people together in the Newton neighbourhood

Photo Credits: Nasrin Baji, Newton BIA

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