Free Food Garden Planting Party

Did you know that the first Saturday in May is World Naked Gardening Day? Neither did we when we planned today’s planting party!

Neighbours brought seedlings, seeds, sandwiches, cookies and drinks – but everyone came fully clothed!

The four boxes are now planted with a rich variety of edibles. There are salad greens and herbs, beans and kale, edible flowers and even some sunflowers! It is going to be exciting to see how things grow in the coming months.

If you stop by and the plants look thirsty, please offer them a drink. If you see any work that needs to be done, there is a garden toolbox behind the front desk in the Newton Recreation Centre. Feel free to go in and ask to borrow it – just tell them you are a Friend of the Grove!

Thank you to Parm for helping the group make decisions today, and thank you to everyone who brought things to plant and food to share.

Stay tuned for upcoming garden events. If you have any suggestions for the garden or would like to take on a job or organize an event, please send your thoughts to We look forward to hearing from you!

See you at the garden.

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