Falling in Love in and with Newton

The following submission appeared in “We Are Newton: A Neighbourhood Anthology.” See here for more information about the project.

By: Teresa M. Cahill

It was a magical time in Newton, a time of exploration, companionship and love. He was a man I wanted to know more about. We made the decision that many couples do, to live together.

We found a nice place to rent on the upper floor of a house in Newton. It was more than nice; it was perfect in so many ways. Picture the rooms full of sunshine and a massive patio off the kitchen. This was a family neighbourhood, and it had been a long time since I had lived in this kind of environment.

We spent our time getting to know each other and Newton, many of the places within walking distance. One of the treasures was the Hollywood 3 movie theatre. What a surprise to find good movies at such a bargain. Of course, the Newton Public Library was a regular destination.

Just walking through our neighbourhood was a treat. Streets with hardly any traffic, beautiful gardens, children playing in the many green spaces and cul-de-sacs. One of our favourites was a house that created a massive Christmas display each year. It felt like it was erected just for the neighbours, because the traffic didn’t increase that much.

Some of our special spots were a bookstore that had cats, an organic grocer, and our favourite sushi, pizza and coffee shops.

It was a comfortable place to get to know each other, to create many happy memories and fall in love. It is the place where he proposed to me and where we planned our wedding. For those reasons Newton will always be a special place.

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