Fairy Village in Redwood Park

Have you seen the Fairy Village in Redwood Park? It is an enchanting sight!

Take a walk through the forest trails and you will find a charming hamlet of little fairy homes of all shapes and sizes. Some are made with meticulous craftsmanship; most brighten up the forest with the colourful and bold artwork of young children. Scroll down and click on the pictures to see some examples.

On your visit, you are likely to encounter families stopping by to drop off houses they’ve made. You will hear children running around finding hidden houses in all the nooks and crannies of the woods. It is hard not smile at each other!

This is a beautiful example of “placemaking” at its best, and community groups of all sorts can draw inspiration from it.

If you look a little closer though, there is something that might make you cringe: many of the delightful fairy homes are anchored to the trees with nails, spikes and screws! Ouch!

Not to brag, but here at The Grove, our “tree ethic” is definitely more refined than that of those pounding nails in the beautiful Western Red Cedars!

Over the past year, one of the things that “Friends of the Grove” have done a great job at is finding ways to bring joy and creativity into the forest… without harming the trees!

Between September 21 and October 31 of this year, the City of Surrey Environmental Education team will be doing a series of programs and events to educate about Surrey’s urban forests and how residents can get involved in taking care of them.

Perhaps our experience in The Grove is something we can share with others? Wouldn’t it be great to see more community groups honouring the beauty of our natural spaces in ways that are fun, creative, and respectful of the trees!

Do you have any thoughts? How might we contribute to this? Would you like to be involved?

Give it some thought, and if you find yourself down by Redwood Park, be sure to stop in and see if you can spot a fairy!

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