Everything will be alright in the end

I walked through The Grove today on a rainy Thanksgiving weekend. Even in the cool autumn rain, the memories of this place feel warm.

I paused at the checker board carved in the stump and remembered with gratitude the weekend that Tony Greaves spent sanding the stump surface, meticulously carving the outlines of the board and applying the stain.

The checker board was one of the first projects that went into The Grove, and it still stands as a reminder of the skilled hands and creative spirits that live in and contribute to our neighbourhood.

Tony passed away earlier this year.

He was, among many things, a skilled woodworker. He was active with the Newton Seniors Centre woodcarving club and exhibited his carvings locally and at wood carving events around the Fraser Valley. He contributed a lot to our community.

His emails always made me smile. They ended with a signature line that read:

My motto: “Everything will be alright in the end . . . If it’s not all right, then it’s not the end!”

Everything is all right, Tony.  Your checker board stump looks great!Thank you!

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