Encyclopedia House Wrap-up

‘All good things must come again’

Our Encyclopedia House has inspired us and sparked conversation, remembrances of a time when books were the world, and all the world was found in books, while still true today, the ever expanding world broadens & expands our horizons to new things, the connected world. But we have been reminded by the Encyclopedia House project that we must also stay connected to one another, the past, and the land. And also that sometime the old ways have a newfound merit in these times that we should look to in solving some of todays problems.

As we close the chapter on our Encyclopedia house in the Grove and move on to new projects, we hope that you will use the Knowledge that was gained from all the conversations started, absorbed by all that visited it, and that we have released to be absorbed by all that pass by this place or anytime someone stops anywhere to think.

A little knowledge is a good thing, more is even better, keep learning!

Here is some footage of the set-up for the Encyclopedia Dance Party:

Left here is the last of the levelling sand that was used to protect the forest floor from the Encyclopedia house art installation and more added to aid in reclamation.

Now as a Zen garden, but only for a short time. As the natural space reclaims it again, the residual sand will dissipate helping to restore the space, the grass growing back through to take back the space once again.

‘All good things come again’, but more is in store. Stay connected and let us know your ideas for the space and things we can do in Newton and Surrey.

Thanks to Steve for this great summary!

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