Community Garden Signpost

We are please to announce the completion of our “Community Garden Signpost!”

The Signpost is part of the “I Have A Dream” art installation located in The Grove beside the Newton Recreation Centre, 13730 – 72nd Avenue.

The Signpost is made up of arrows that point towards 20 community gardens and related sites in Surrey, and a selection of 13 of the international gardens affiliated with the global  “I Have A Dream” project. The purpose of the project is to raise awareness of the  many wonderful local food initiatives in Surrey and to connect Surrey’s local food movement with the growing global conversation on food security.

The following Surrey sites are included in the installation:

Newton Free Food Garden: 50 metres
Food for Thought Garden: 13 km
Zaklan Heritage Farm: 4 km
Hazelnut Meadows Community Garden: 1.5 km
Newton Neighbourhood Apple Tree: 1.5 km
Dunsmuir Community Gardens: 14km
Holly Park Community Gardens: 9km
North Surrey Organic Community Garden: 7km
Surrey Urban Mission Garden: 8km
A Rocha: 21km
Berea Baptist Church Community Garden: 6km
Sunshine Ridge Baptist Church Community Garden: 6km
Green Timbers Covenant Church Community Garden: 5km
Peace Portal Alliance Church Community Garden: 11 km
St. Luke Lutheran Church Community Garden: 8km
Lionel Courchene Park Community Garden: 9km
Cloverdale United Church Community Garden: 11km
Bethany-Newton United Church Community Garden: 5km
Alder Gardens Resident Garden: 500 metres:
KB Woodward Elementary School Garden: 8km
Kwantlen Campus Garden: 2km

International “I Have  A Dream” Gardens include:

Aditi Bhattad garden, India: 11,359 km
Ana Trincão, Berlin: 7,658 km
Christin Wahlström Eriksson Garden, Sweden: 7,001 km
Divani Srimali Chandrasena Garden, Sri Lanka: 12,656 km
Denise Karabinus Garden, Hawaii: 4,447 km
Noda Tomoyuki Garden, Japan: 7,086 km
Preeyachanok Ketsuwan Garden, Thailand: 10,996 km
Renee Reijnders Garden, Holland: 7,457 km
Shu Lun Wu Garden, Taiwan: 9,194 km
Tatiana Villani Garden, Italy: 8,722 km
Basir Mahmood Garden, Pakistan: 10,514 km
Taboada Garden, Mexico: 3,946 km
Virginia Lopez Garden, Spain: 8,246 km

Please let us know if you are aware of any local Surrey gardens that we have missed! We will do our best to add them in.

Here are some pictures of the development of the project. Click on the picture to enlarge.


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