Before I Die…

Thanks to all our Newton neighbors who wrote on the board– Before I die I want to: The People::..Get him back—Meet my daughter that I gave away for adoption when I was 24..Sarah is her name—Eat sushi in Japan—Visit Prince George—Rule the world—Kiss someone—Ride a bike across Canada—Get married—Go to Europe—See my children succeed at life—Find a soul mate to be happy with, sending happiness to all—Get married—Know my true self and experience real love-–I want to LIVE—Find my true love—Provide money for my family and buy my mom a house—Tell him how I feel—Leave the world a better place then I found it—More peace—I miss him!—Change the world—Not get eaten by a ‘Walker’— See Surrey go back to large trees only—Be brave—Forgive myself and others—Succeed in life—Live peace,live free—Be a better person—Sing for 1000 people ,at one time—Nothing takes the past away like the future— Know peace-laugh more—I love you—Have family unity—LIVE—Let go of my ego so I can serve others—Have him love me back—Change lives—Eat a whole ice cream cake—Show and be LOVE—Freedom of speech—Have my love of my life forever together—Be an inspiration for others—Hug and kiss my children—Drink more beer—Sky dive—Sky dive naked— Have kids— A good home with good happy people whose hearts I can love—Have kids—R.I.P. Spock—Live my life–Live with my daughter again—Be more caring—Sierra M is a babe.!!—Learn sorcery—Find a husband—Forgive—Find a true love not rotten eggs—Be happy and spread happiness to all—Kiss him on the cheek—Obstacles are things a person sees when they take their eyes off /his/her goal–Carpe Diem!

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