How it All Started

No one can say for sure how it all started, but it likely had something to do with a visit by Jason Roberts in February, 2014.

Jason introduced the concept of “placemaking,” a grassroots, community-led process that brings life and vibrancy to an area. Shortly after Jason’s visit, the “Friends of The Grove” group formed and began using The Grove in creative and inclusive ways.

Initially, the media coverage by Global TV and CTV focused on the negative history of the area. The “Friends of The Grove” continue to honour the difficult parts of The Grove’s history, but now focus on actively bringing about positive changes in the neighbourhood.

In October 2014, the “Friends of The Grove” received a “Beautiful City Award” by the City of Surrey and have since worked closely with the City of Surrey Beautification Department.

We invite you to be part of the “Friends of The Grove” story!

Beautiful City award

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