“100 in 1 Day” Workshop

The ideas were flowing at our recent “100 in 1 Day” workshop! We had a great group come out to generate ideas for “urban interventions” to take place on June 6, 2015.

Some of the ideas included art displays and community gatherings.

One participant will be doing an intervention base on her interest in aquaponics, while another is looking at doing an educational campaign around protecting fish habitat by watching what we put down the storm drains.

Another participate is looking at posting inspirational messages around Surrey in Punjabi and English. Another is exploring a community storytelling project.

There were many other great ideas shared and supported, so stay tuned for some great interventions on June 6! Let us know if you have any ideas, and we will find a way to support you!

You can see postings of urban interventions around Vancouver on the 100 in 1 Day Vancouver website. We are grateful to Evergreen for supporting this work in Surrey!


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